Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sophia called Ninja Kitten?


When she was setting up her XBox gamer account she chose the name Ninja Kitten because she said “I’m fierce like a ninja but cute like a kitten.”

Why are there pictures of Sophia in a wheelchair?


She still has left side weakness from the paralysis and can become easily exhausted and weak.  Her little body also has a mitochondrial disorder that makes her weak after too much physical exertion.

Sophia attends physical and occupational therapy twice a week and adores both of her therapists, Kelli and Andrea at ProStep Therapy.

She is in the wheelchair about 20-30% of the time and she named it Mavis after the character in the movie Hotel Transylvania.

How did the global prayer request start?


About two weeks before the original surgery date, I asked Sophia if there was anything she wanted for the surgery in Boston and she said “Can you get every person in the world to pray for me on the day of the surgery?”

I told her I would try and do everything I could to make that happen.

What does Sophia think of all the prayers she is getting?


She is very excited and happy to hear each prayer, follows most of them with “Thank you that is so sweet!”, and the response has definitely improved her attitude and boosted her confidence to proceed with the surgery.

Every prayer holds equal weight to her and the message that President Donald Trump was praying for her was just as big as the prayer she received from a little girl in Dubai and the grandmother in Alaska.

She told me that she was happy that the world was praying together not just praying for her.

What are her favorite things?


Sophia has an unbelievable love for her brother Jonah.  He is her real life super hero, and ours too!

He is very protective and constantly observant of her.  She never laughs with anyone like she does with him.

When he was only five years old he asked her neurologist why there was no cure for his sister and the doctor informed him it wasn’t that simple.  Jonah replied “Weren‘t you paying attention in school?”  After the doctor dismissed his response he attempted to ask more about her condition.  Eventually Jonah told him, “Well I guess I will just have to find the cure for her.”

For a long time he would tell us he wanted to be a doctor and cure her, asking if he would be rich if he found a cure for her autism too.  When we told him yes he said “Cool, I can be a doctor in the daytime and Batman at night!”

He tells us that we should never worry about Sophia, when we pass on he will always take care of Sophia and provide her everything she needs.

When they were younger he promised her he would get her a butler like Bruce Wayne’s Alfred who would make her bacon wrapped shrimp every day.  My husband told him “Hey! I want bacon wrapped shrimp every day!”

Sophia adores her older sister Katie and has a special bond with my sister she calls “Babita”. 

She has two dogs, three cats, and a fish.  She says she wants to be an exotic animal vet or maybe a fashion designer.

Sophia loves pizza and pasta.  Her favorite color is pink.  She loves music and of course has an unshakable love for God.

Can I mail a card or gift to Sophia?


We get this question often and we now have set up a P.O. Box for her, simply so she can have privacy at home.  

P.O. Box 14, Brownfield, Texas  79316

Our family is very grateful for the generosity we have received but it is important to remember that she has memory loss and is autistic.  It is easy for her to become rattled and as Jonah says “Spook like a deer.” 

We ask that her privacy be respected at our home.  Sophia LOVES getting your messages which can be sent through this website on our contact form.  We may not be able to respond to every message but we will make an effort as time allows.  

Please share your stories of faith and recovery, these are loved by our entire family and we all love to hear testaments to God’s Grace!