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After suffering four massive strokes at the age of six, leaving her partially paralyzed, read about her miraculous recovery! 

You can reach Sophia at P.O. Box 14, Brownfield, TX 79316

***UPDATE DECEMBER 28, 2018***

It has been an amazing year for Sophia.  She has been improving by leaps and bounds in her abilities since her brain surgery.  She has moments of difficulty with her legs and sometimes with her left arm and hand, but these episodes have drastically declined.

Sophia has been having fewer and less intense memory issues and has been moving at a rapid pace in school for the first time.  She is excited at her own progress and the potential changes in her life choices they could mean.  

The imaging taken in July revealed improved blood flow to the areas of the surgical sites and also indicate that her previous brain surgery on the right side is stable and continues a good supply of blood to that area.  Unfortunately the narrowing of her left and posterior arteries still threaten her life, even at a very slow pace.  There is no known way to stop this narrowing because her doctors do not know what is causing it to happen.

We are waiting to get the date for her angiogram which will show saturation and more details of the current blood flow throughout the brain.  We will post those details once we get the scheduled appointment.

Sophia has been contacted by many people to talk about her experience this year from her prayer request, her brain surgery, recovery, attending the National Prayer Breakfast, to meeting President Trump.  This journey was amazing for us all, but Sophia has difficulty staying focused long enough to cover one question asked to her, much less a full interview.  We are working on more ways to share her story while she continues to work hard in her home therapy.

Sophia recently began working on a new project of hers called “Two Questions”.  She asks people two questions about God and how He is working in their lives.  This has been a project she has been very passionate about and we are trying to make this everything she envisions.  As of today, we have posted two of the videos on her YouTube channel.



Please like and share her videos.  She loves hearing people testify about God so continue to write her and testify! 

Thank you everyone again for your love, prayers, and support.  

****UPDATE JULY 25, 2018****

We have finally finished Sophia’s first videos for her new YouTube channel!! 

I must admit it is my fault that it was so delayed in being posted.  The final video file was ready to post but I accidentally deleted it...which did not please her brother and her friend that put it together.

I was able to find one copy of an older draft which we eventually agreed to post instead.

This draft could not be edited and unfortunately the ending runs very fast and makes it difficult to read the texts.  You can pause the video to read the text. 

I have promised everyone to step away from all  future videos so this doesn’t happen again.

Her YouTube channel name is NinjaKittenSophia and the following is the link to her first video.


I also made a personal video with photos of her over the past few years.  Most of these photos are taken in the hospital or at doctor offices because so much of her life has been spent in those places.  


Sophia wanted her own video channel so she could share stories and her faith with everyone.  

We plan to add videos regularly and she hopes to eventually gain 10,000 YouTube viewers!  Please like and subscribe to her channel!

Since the video was made we traveled to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas to have an MRI and MRA imaging done.  

The initial report from her stroke team was that the brain surgery from January 2018 is supplying her with good blood flow to the area. This surgery was a bilateral pial synangiosis performed at the top front left and right sides of the brain.

The images also revealed the brain surgery she had in February 2017 remains stable in supplying blood to the right front area of the brain.

Cook Children’s Hospital has forwarded the images and report to Dr. Superman at Boston Children’s Hospital to review.  

We will be discussing the final analysis of the images, including the left side and back arteries which are still narrowing, once both hospitals complete their analysis of the recent imaging.

Sophia has been recovering well.  She still has headaches and weakness at times but this is to be expected with her disease.  She is happy and more active than we have seen in years!

Please continue to pray for our little girl.  We continue to be humbled by all of your support and prayers.

****UPDATE. JUNE 15, 2018****

Hello friends! We have been very busy trying to get Sophia better from another roller coaster ride of recent medical ups and downs. She is currently on an upswing and we are working with doctors to rebuild her immune system.

Sophia attended her first VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church last week.  She came alive each day learning the Bible, singing new praise songs, learning to sign bible verses, and worshiping with her friends.   

Sophia has been having mild headaches recently which make her anxious about potential oncoming strokes.  But her brother and I volunteered to help with VBS and it helped put her at ease having us both there.  

Attending VBS was also very important to her because it tested her endurance and focus. She was very happy that she made it through the entire week, completing the activities with her friends, and not having to be in her wheelchair once!

We have very exciting news! 

Sophia will be premiering her own YouTube channel next week to allow her to speak directly to all of you. 

Please check back to click on her first video link which will be posted in the next few days!

***April 22, 2018***

Join Sophia today at Second Baptist Church in Levelland, Texas. at 11:00!

***Update April 18, 2018***

Thank you everyone for your patience on waiting for an update on Sophia.  

After our visit to Washington DC we returned home and the entire family became very ill with the flu after Valentine’s Day.  Sophia and I had the worst of it, and it has taken nearly two months for her to recover.

Her immune system was already compromised and it took three rounds of antibiotics and bedrest to fully recover.  

We have resumed our regular routine only recently and I have started to update this site. 

Sophia has been recovering from her brain surgery remarkably well!  She is most excited that her hair has started to grow back and is beginning to wear her scars with pride.

The family attended the Pray Jones 2018 Prayer event in Lubbock at the Texas Tech Jones Stadium and she loved it! She was so excited to be with thousands of people coming together in prayer!

She has filmed a few segments for tv station KAMC in Lubbock which can be viewed at www.everythinglubbock.com through a search of her name. 

Sophia also gave an interview for The Brownfield News after we returned home from Washington DC which can be viewed at www.brownfieldonline.com.  

Today she will be featured in Canada on www.100huntley.com for Crossroads Christian Communications.

Unfortunately, almost every time we took her out to the Pray Jones event, to film at KAMC, to attend church or her therapy, she almost always became sick with the flu again or I did and we seemed to just pass it back and forth to each other.  She is very happy to finally be over that brutal flu but is even more excited that Spring is here and she can play outside!

Thank you to everyone who helped us spread her story and prayer request.  We are still receiving prayers and emails for her which we read every day to her.  She says her heart feels so full when I read her the messages and cards from everyone.  She especially loves hearing people testify!

We will not know if the surgery was successful until after new MRI and MRA images are completed in July at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. 

This surgery was not a cure for Sophia, it was a way to try and give her alternative sources of blood supply to the brain since her native blood vessels are compromised as they narrow and close.  We continue to pray that the blood vessels ”take root” and help us have Sophia as Sophia a little longer!

Lately her focus has been on chatting non-stop about God loving hearing our prayers.  She told us that prayers are not messages you leave on God’s voicemail about things you want or things you want to say thank you for, but prayer is a conversation with God and He loves us talking to Him.  She still continues to humble us.

Her memory loss still remains her biggest struggle to deal with and has now started calling it her “archenemy”.  She recently forgot who her brother was, which has not happened in over two years.  When she regained her focus and memory of him,  they hugged for what seemed like an eternity.

Sophia does not always remember the prayer request or her whirlwind trip to Washington DC, but I show her pictures and eventually she recalls bits and pieces. Sometimes she touches her head and panics at why her head is shaved or feels the scars, and I simply remind her that she’s had brain surgery and show her pictures of her adventures in Boston.  She never gets angry or depressed, she accepts her memory loss issues with such strength!

When she sees images of President Trump she always says “Look, it’s my friend President Donald Trump!” And yes, she did meet him, and yes, he was ”simply wonderful” as she puts it.  

I will be adding more details on this website about Sophia’s adventures this year as well as progress on her recovery.  Again I ask for patience with doing this, being so sick took much time from us both and we are only now beginning to get back into our routine of homeschooling, daily physical and occupational work, doctor appointments, church, and life’s busy work.

God Bless you all! 

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 Our family has not been on social media due to our focus on Sophia's constant medical problems.  Recently we agreed to create a website to tell her story.  For  years people have asked where they could follow her medical progress or learn more about this precious child that has so graciously touched our lives and the lives of people who have met her or heard of her amazing journey. 

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