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After suffering four massive strokes at the age of six, leaving her partially paralyzed, read about her miraculous recovery! 


With only two weeks left until Sophia’s brain surgery, she has asked that the entire world come together and pray for her on the day of the surgery!

Share her request and story on every social media site you can and ask everyone to make her wish come true to have the world pray for her on January 24th!


Thank you everyone for expanding this prayer chain! We are reading Sophia prayers from all over the world and showing her on our world map the countries and cities we are told they are from.  

She has requested I update this site with a message to the world ”Thank you so much for the prayers! I love every single person in the world and God loves you too!“

She also wanted me to say that she lost a tooth, the Tooth Fairy came, and she has another wiggly one.

Our family can not express our gratitude enough. As we finalize our preparations for the trip we continue to reach out to everyone we can to keep her prayer chain moving forward.


ONE WEEK UNTIL SURGERY!  We are so excited at how everyone is spreading this prayer chain!  Sophia has asked if we have reached everyone in the world yet and we told her it is still growing.  

Please help keep the momentum going and continue to share, tweet, forward, and speak to everyone you know and meet!  

The surgery team at Boston Children’s Hospital has become aware of this prayer chain and we thank those of you who have extended your prayers to the doctors and her team at the hospital!

We are touched by the amazing support she is receiving, including this beautiful outreach from our Congressman Jodey Arrington on the floor of the House of Representatives!


I want to personally thank Gina Kelly, Sandra Eichenberg, Justin at Town Square Media, Kevin Sorbo, and Jodey Arrington for their immediate responses and efforts which have catapulted this campaign for Sophia to a world wide level by utilizing their platforms. But most importantly I thank every single person who has prayed and committed to pray for Sophia.  

We continue to read the prayers sent to her from this website and those posted online!  Thank you all and God Bless!


Sophia‘s segment on KAMC news in Lubbock aired and includes our Congressman Jodey Arrington on board praying for her!  Watch this amazing video of our girl getting the world to pray!  Thank you all!  Each and every prayer is read to her and she has asked me to tell everyone that she loves your kindness and prayers, sends each of you her love, and “wishes she could hug everyone”!

Surgery is in eight days so please share the video below to help reach “all 10,000 people in the world”!



Sophia has a Facebook page and a Twitter account now!  We hope this helps spread her prayer request, links to both accounts are at the bottom of this page!

She was also the headline story in our local newspaper yesterday, is airing on radio stations, and will be featured in a segment on Lubbock’s KAMC with  support for her prayer chain by Congressman Jodey Arrington!  We will post this link once it is available!

Thank you to all you prayer warriors! Keep asking everyone to keep sharing, forwarding, tweeting, and telling of her global prayer request!  Your support is making this little girl so happy!



The global prayer request is rapidly growing!  Thanks to everyone spreading her request on social media, help from Town Square Media and Lubbock’s KAMC, we are starting to see this spread!

We have been encouraged to start a Facebook page and opened a Twitter account.  Today we are building and learning to use these, big brother Jonah is in charge of our social media now!

We read Sophia each and every prayer she receives via email or postings online which we are forwarded.  Her attitude has drastically improved for the upcoming surgery because of the outpouring of support! She is not as scared and appears excited for Boston, this new confidence is due to your prayers! 

Sophia’s Grandma Marilyn asked her how many people she wanted to pray for her and she said “All 10,000 people in the world!”  Let’s grow this to show her just how big the world really is!

This website has been shared in other countries and we are reaching out to everyone we can, family, friends, faith leaders, politicians, athletes, celebrities, and of course every single person she meets daily!  

Can you help us reach every country by sharing her prayer request?  Surgery is in 11 days...keep posting, forwarding, sharing, and of course check back to see our progress!

View new photos we have posted at the bottom of the photos and videos section!  We have also completed another section in “Believe with Sophia”.

This weekend Sophia will be featured inour local newspaper, The Brownfield News (thank you Gina for starting it all!) and in a segment airing on Lubbock’s KAMC weekend  (thank you Sandra!)


Thank you all and God Bless!


**********PRAYERS NEEDED**********

We apologize for not updating this site since August, we have had a very busy and difficult past few months.  

Sophia was scheduled for brain surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital in September, this surgery was postponed but is now scheduled for January 24th.

She has remained stable since the postponement but new MRI/MRA images, which she regularly has done, have revealed an increased decline in her cerebral blood flow.   The great news is that there were no new signs of stroke activity and no new narrowing of the arteries in her brain.  The profusion reduction is what is prompting the immediate rescheduling of her brain surgeries.

We are asking again for prayers for our little girl.  Please tell everyone you know and meet about her situation and ask them for prayers.

We ask that you check back and we will do our best to complete this website, her story, and keep everyone updated on her progress.

Sophia turned nine since the last post, celebrated Christmas, has been positive about her upcoming surgery, and is keeping us all focused and strong.  

Her brother Jonah has asked to come to Boston to be with his little sister through her surgery and we are trying our best to make our finances work so that we can make this happen.

We have found ourselves in a desperate situation, trying to gather funds to get our little angel to Boston and be with her.  

My husband has set up a GoFundMe page as we turn to all of you seeking your prayers and generosity to help us at this time.  Please visit 


and we ask that you share this link and the link to this website on your social media sites to help us have our little girl with us a little bit longer. 

We have posted some new photos of her to show how much she has grown!  Check out the bottom of the photo page section to view these newly added pictures.  

Thank you so much for your prayers! God Bless you all for your continued support!  Christ is the true healer, she knows this and continues to ask everyone for prayers.  Her story is a true testament to His Grace! 

***UPDATE. JANUARY 10, 2018***

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and prayers!  Our GoFundMe campaign has been amazing and we are humbled by the generosity and kindness of your donations and prayers.

These funds enable us to be prepared for Sophia’s care when we return home and helps with the costs of her follow up care and unexpected needs and expenses.

Sophia’s upcoming surgery puts her at high risk of suffering a stroke during the operation.  Our family is asking everyone to spread the word of her surgery and pray for her on January 24th.

Sophia asked me to find a way to create a prayer chain so big that God is overwhelmed with prayers for her that day.  So help us reach as many people as possible to make this happen.  This little girl is wanting the biggest prayer request to go viral!

Thank you again for all of your support! 

God Bless you all!!

About This Website

An Evolving Website

 This is a work in progress as we take this journey to bring her story to all who are willing to hear it. It will change as we continue telling her story in more detail, post photos and videos of her, and add her new experiences, including her personal plans for independence. 

Her Impact

 Our family has not been on social media due to our focus on Sophia's constant medical problems.  Recently we agreed to create a website to tell her story.  For  years people have asked where they could follow her medical progress or learn more about this precious child that has so graciously touched our lives and the lives of people who have met her or heard of her amazing journey. 

Come back!

 Please check back regularly to see how this develops! We ask for your patience as we work through building the site and find its ultimate purpose. 


We are beginning to see this venture mold into a future foundation in Sophia's name to raise funding for pediatric stroke research.  We are working with several people to get moving on developing this idea, so check back to see how this goes!!

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