Keep Up With Ninja Kitten

04/19/17. Lubbock TV KAMC

Sophia will be highlighted on a Wish Wednesday segment at 5:00 pm

04/22/17. Make-A-Wish Walk For Wishes

Come join Sophia at the Buddy Holly Center at 10:00 am to help raise funds for this great foundation.  Her father will be speaking and Sophia will be onstage during her wish reveal with a very special guest!


Sophia was granted her wish! MAW held an amazing fundraiser and made her reveal extra special with a personal serenade from Elvis Presley!!! However...Sophia, who loves Elvis, knew he was buried in Graceland and daddy introducing him caused a problem.  She bolted out of the gazebo...after all, this child thought MAW raised him from the grave!  After we explained the word  "impersonator" there were great opportunities for hugs and photos with "Elvis".  Come back to view these!  Thank you "Elvis" you were fantastic!  Visit this great tribute artist at !

04/22/17. Lubbock Civic Center Theatre

Join Sophia for closing night of the Moonlight Broadway production of Peter Pan At Lubbock Civic Center Theatre at 7:30 pm

04/27/17. DisneyWorld Florida

Sophia leaves for her granted wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to vacation at Disney World Florida!

Thank you MAW! Donate to this foundation, they truly change lives with their generosity and kindness! A link is located in our menu bar!

Return to our site to see her vacation photos!!

05/11/17. The Payday Group

Sophia and her daddy will be speaking at the luncheon of this wonderful group of businessmen who help local families and they will be telling her story and thanking them for their generosity and support. 

05/12/17. Doctor Appointment

Returning to Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth to meet again with her neurosurgeon.  


Sophia's progress has been great! Her doctors are pleased with her recovery at the three month mark.

05/23/17 Welch Church of Christ 

Join us while we share Sophia's story during the 6:00 prayer meeting. 

06/12/17 Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament 

Sophia and family will speak at the 12th Annual Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament at the Meadowbrook Golf Course in Lubbock.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation creates powerful changes in the life of every family member, not just the children who received their wish.   Come support these great people and their work! 

UPDATE 06/10/17

Sophia has been having neurological difficulties and severe headaches recently.  She has been admitted back at Cook Children's Hospital and is scheduled for new imaging (MRI and MRA) under sedation.

Since the blood vessels in her brain are narrowing, she has the constant risk of suffering additional strokes, either silent, TIA, or major strokes.  We are asking for prayers again for our little angel. 

***JANUARY 11, 2018***

Today we set up a Twitter account for Sophia @ninjakittensoph.  We are learning how to use social media so we can help spread Sophia’s status on both her global prayer request and the progress of her surgery and recovery.

We are currently heading to KAMC studios, Lubbock tv station, for Sophia to tape a segment regarding her prayer request.  We are so grateful for this outlet she has been offered.

Local radio stations are also helping us spread the request especially Town Square Media. 

You can read their recent article and view a video of her telling about her prayer request below.  Thank you so much Town Square Media!!

We will post links to anything we can for everyone to see once we get them.

But tonight after taping at KAMC Sophia is joining her family to take her brother Jonah out to celebrate his 12th birthday!  Happy Birthday Roo!!